Cooped up hyper-awareness observations:

I’m laid up after ankle surgery and an upside are all the things you never noticed before

1. Something is on the lower corner of the hallway into the kitchen – it’s not mud, it’s black and resistant to cleaning. What is it? How long has it been there? Have people come into my home, noticed it and wondered how I could allow something like that to persist so long with out fixing it? I cleaned it off now, but is it too late? Am I forever judged? What else don’t I notice?!

2. There is water damage on the mudroom ceiling – it is ribbly and flabby.

3. Despite my previous stand, I can sit for hours watching TV for days on end.

4. Even dogs can get too much lovin’.

5. Unwashed toes poking out from the cast acquire an odd texture after 3 weeks. The skin doesn’t get softer, it gets crunchy and flakey.

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